I was a little nervous about my first school visit on Thursday, to St Paul’s Primary School, Withington, but it was brilliant! The forty-five Year 5 children listened intently, and asked loads of really thoughtful questions. Heather came too, and they were able to ask her about being, and becoming an artist.
I’d prepared my very first Power point presentation about the development of the cover, as I’d worked with Heather, (this was the scary bit) and when at first it didn’t happen, (I’d pressed the wrong button!), I decided to go on reading, but Marne, the lovely teaching assistant, stood by to click the images and it worked. We handed out flyers, which I signed (!) and the children queued up for Heather to complete the mini-pictures she’d drawn of either Candy Floss or Rafi, with the child’s name. I was asked to go again, when they had a poetry session or club, not quite sure which, and the school bought six copies of Rafi Brown for different classes!!!!
Then I was then emboldened to take some copies to the delightful Chorlton Bookshop, who will stock the book from now on,,,

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