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Standing up for one another. Spread humus not hate!

Spread Hummus not Hate!

Standing up for one another International Women's day with the Chai Ladies in Oldham

Interfaith work is very important to me.

  During the eighties I taught English as a Second Language to Asian women who never left their homes. I felt I was giving them the confidence to go shopping, to speak to people they met, to be part of this new world where their silence isolated them. As a writer I’ve had the great [...]

A Happy Customer at  Moor Allerton School December, 2013!

A Happy Customer at Moor Allerton School December, 2013!

We had a wonderful afternoon at Moor Allerton School, selling more than 20 copies of the book. A happy customer!

Come to the Reading of ‘Sweet Tongues’, an anthology of new writing about FOOD on Wednesday 11 December at Nexus Cafe, Manchester

From the sweet tongues of new writers – A Food Poetry Collection Commonword presents Sweet Tongues Crocus Food Anthology Launch 11th December Nexus Arts Cafe 7pm

Sue’s Interview with Siobhan O’Toole on Humanity Hallows, MMU Blog


To my delight, I’ve just head from the RNIB children’s librarians in Stockport that they will be making a large-print version of Rafi Brown in the next few months!!!! This is what one of the librarians at the Stockport Office for Children’s Books said, … things are rather up in the air at the moment [...]


I was a little nervous about my first school visit on Thursday, to St Paul’s Primary School, Withington, but it was brilliant! The forty-five Year 5 children listened intently, and asked loads of really thoughtful questions. Heather came too, and they were able to ask her about being, and becoming an artist. I’d prepared my [...]